Sunday, 31 May 2015

Gay marriage is important- but it's not for everyone.

As you may know I'm gay, out and proud. I'm happy with progress made on gay marriage lately, but most gay people I know aren't interested in getting married, though we want the legal option. 
Our laws are an international embarrassment, even lagging behind New Zealand. 
This hot issue is contested as political football everyday. Interestingly the Liberal prime minister 
Tony Abbott doesn't approve of, though his sister is Gay. As an ex liberal party branch member, I ran twice as a local government political candidate, I can tell you the Liberal Party has the greatest concentration of gay members than any other party. Hypocrasy is everywhere on this issue. 
Most of my gay friends, single or in relationships don't want to make the full legal commitment, they're just happy the way they are. Gay people have become as conservative as those they seek acceptance from. We want husbands, kids, mortgages, and suburban living while others arent kidding themselves by the white wedding while being in open relationships at the same time. This is an issue the mainstream community can't confront gay marriage seekers on because questioning the morality of minority groups is seen as a judgemental attack. Most committed gay relationships are not monogamous, that's the only way they stay together ! 
In the main stream, gay marriage will be big business for the wedding industry and divorce lawyers .  
I'm personally above wanting to walk down the isle of a church. I don't need to ask for God's acceptance, he may not exist ! Though I do believe Jesus was gay friendly.
Forcing churches or religions to accept us is like begging an abuser to be your friend, these institutions  become redundant in time anyway with their prejudice ways. 
Getting married also ties people up legally and financially in ways people are content to do without.
How many people end up in divorce ? How painful and expensive is that.
People ask if I will ever get married, but I can't even organise a date ! 
Equality is important, it will mean we can all be, for better or worse in the same box. 

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