Friday, 8 May 2015

How to place a curse. Magic for urban living.

I try to be a nice person and do all the right things. I sort of believe in God, but life  doesn't  
always go my way. Awful people arise, they  come into our lives with their own motivations. 
When powerless to change a situation, I get into  an urban magic mood. 
I do this occasionally, only when I really think, I truly know I've been wronged.
These deep thoughts, the sense of injustice is what causes the power to shift or change things. 
Life is a drama, we can take symbolic actions to create a new outcome. 
 Please be reasonable, don't be selfish, just look after yourself to get out of the mess. 
This really does work. Best time to place a curse is late at night just before bed.
On a small piece of clear white paper, write in thick  black texta  pen, the date, persons name,
 then the desired outcome. It could be 12.4.2015. Peter. Keep away from me !.
Signed your name.  Note please, I'm promoting good magic , not evil intentions. Don't wish bad
on others cause it might backfire, with something worse happening to you. Just wish for a bad
situation, or person to stop or go away. We may not all beleive in a God, but there is a greater 
cosmic energy  - apart from the Internet which keeps tabs on all of us ! 
Place the message in a clear tall glass drinking cup, fill with tap water, then as you place it in the
freezer- say out loud with power in your mind  "This is my wish, I deserve the outcome" and or 
" I command this come true " or something like that. Close  the freezer, go to bed and sleep. 
Now the magic starts. The freezing of the message is symbolic of the wish setting in, while we sleep our subconscious goes to work, it's powerful stuff. Leave the curse in the freezer until it comes true.
I believe as the water freezes the wish sets in , the other person will telepathically get the message in their subconscious as they sleep, then without knowing, act on it.  
It really works, but remember be realistic. 
One last point, by the way, please don't  tell them or others  about this, because it de- energises 
the whole thing, there is great power in secrecy. remember this is a battle between two sides , 
getting other people's minds involved could interfere in your desired outcome.
I like this curse cause it's very 21st centurary . In the past magic involved lighting fires,
but this is not a good idea, as most of us live in apartments so setting off a fire alarm is not a good

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