Monday, 25 May 2015

Be nice but not too nice. Advice on our manners....

Many days I feel the world is no longer a nice place. 
I can only talk for my home city of Sydney. 
Society is sadly becoming impersonal, full of selfish self centred or self focused people.
This is a polite way of saying - Arseholes . No wonder there's an epidemic of depression. 
People think they'll find solace in a pill that just numbs their half dead souls but, if you want 
to be happy you have to be nice to people, because what we give out is what we get back.
What was once considered civil behaviour has become just another commodity, that's traded for something else or bartered along the way in this competitive commercial environment.  Even though it's fake, shopping or spending money is the fast way to get strangers to be nice to you. 
Employees have to be polite to keep their jobs. Behaviour is economically modified. Then if you see that staff elsewhere they won't acknowledge, or they look straight through you. 
What ever happened to the days when people used to pass each other on the street and smile? 
If you do that now, people think you're weird or you may want something so they react with anxiety.
Too many people in Sydney look like they've sucked on a sour lemon, or sat on something painful.
In Australia we have this deep sense of entitlement. It comes from the loose welfare state. 
Ironically happiness is not our responsibility anymore, it's someone else's ! 
The wealthy are begrudged by high taxes, the have nots leech of the system, so people 
feel it's up to the government to pick up the social pieces, but politicians aren't priests. 
Trying to be nice is draining when I'm faced with zombies who's only love is their iPhone. 
Young people are the worse contenders. Why would they even think of being nice when 
everyone around them is either invisible or a nuisance? My words to them is, just keep 
ignoring everyone in the physical world, hug your iPad when you're lonely. 
Maybe people are so lost in technology, they've got not social skills. I believe empathy and 
compassion is lost in this emerging generation. I've tried to do the pep talks with younger people, 
but they just look at me like they're made of hollow wood... Well actually that's a compliment 
cause wood is a natural product.... They're made of plastic !!! 
With ageing manners become important. 
Life now is vision after vision after vision on Instagram. Technology stifled youths ability to develop 
deeper real life connections. The computers may be on but the users are shut down. 
Call me cynical but I've discovered many people are only nice if they want something, 
otherwise distant or dismissive. We're tinged with schizophrenia. 
Being too nice also makes us vulnerable to be taken advantage of by the not so nice. 
People complain they have no friends , but they've missed so many tiny chances in their 
day to day lives, busy looking at fake profiles online. 
I can't believe how much energy people put into avoiding each other. They like to ignore, but hate being ignored ! It's a power trip which tells us how insecure and fragile they are. 
It's self defeating or just plain stupid being endlessly nice to the inconsiderate. 
The best revenge on the rude is to nicely ignore them. 

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