Thursday, 14 May 2015

Are Psychics real ?

Are psychics real ? sometimes yes, many times no.  
say this from personal experience both as a client or reader. 
We're all psychic and intuitive but some of us follow it  through. There are periods in our 
lives we have deeply insightful experiences. An interest becomes a hobby, 
we do readings for friends, then start working. That's what happened to me.
As a child I had vivid dreams of dead grand parents talking to me in my sleep, I could naturally sense
or feel things, I was born with intuition like others are born athletes. I had these hunches about the future, i guessed what happen next to the discouragement around me.   
Though psychics and Tarot readings are shunned by strict Greek Orthodox religion, Turkish coffee 
cup readings where widely practiced by old aunties. We drank the thick slurpy tiny coffees then covered the cup with its plate, instantly tipping it upside down then turning it 3 times. 
We'd eat home made biscuits or cakes while we waited for the ground coffee to dry, 
creating a dark brown picture around the white cup. 
The magic began, in a room of mainly women as the audience, my great aunt Joanna held court, as she slowly focused, we could sense her intuition at work in long silent moments she started to read meaning into the pictures. If we didn't believe her, she would show us the tiny symbols , saying
" Look there's a plane, you're going on a trip. " or "There's a key, you're moving house." 
or " Theres a heart you're going to fall in love. " 
The time frame was decided by how far up or down the symbol was from the base. 
Past events where to the left side of the handle, future to the right side . 
What a time machine, accessed by imagination.
As a teenager a friends mother talked of a psychic she visited. Phyllis made sure I was an adult before I could get a reading. When  I turned 18 with great nervousness I visited Rhona a respected clairvoyant. She started the reading talking about my past, then made predictions, many of which came true. 
Going to psychics makes us vulnerable to suggestions we may subconsciously act on if we don't 
know what to do or are lost for a decision. This is risky. I knew I was on the right track by physical sensations such as a gut feeling, or the hair on my forearm suddenly rising. Psychics  may be good at reading your mind but thats different to making accurate predictions. 
Don't go to a psychic if you're feeling cynical or play mind games, you will only be upset. 
Psychics are a random act of gambling with no guarantee of results -they are inconsistent. The first reading is usually impressiive. They can misguide or mess your mind. Psychics can be incredibly accurate or totally crap by being too general. That's the risk. 
In early 1990s before the Internet, after a long economic recession, people in dispair searching for something deeper created a demand for anything alternative.
New age shops sprang up everywhere, crystal healing was all the rage, with insense sticks or 
books about personal growth and development. Out the back in every dimly lit corner was a 
psychic, they drew in the crowds, shops made extra money by charging commissions
on the readings to cover the rent. Many in the informal "Spiritual" work force were paid tax free in 
cash, this attracted people on welfare, or who couldn't get other forms of work. 
I joined a psychic group filled with eclectic people.  We would meditate, then do different psychic exercises to develop skills while we read for each other. This was a gymnasium for our third eye. We did tarot, astrology, tried mediumship - that's contacting the dead. Psychometry is holding a small personal item like jewellery to pick up vibes or messages, photo readings, remote health diagnosis etc.  After several months my intuition and perception became highly developed. 
Within a year I started working as a reader in one of those shops, aged only 30 doing Tarot. 
It was mentally draining work. Most of the clients wanted to know about romance, career and health.
 I devised new ways to get the information from the Tarot cards. The more readings I did the 
better I got. We called the regular clients " psychic junkies " they went from one reader to 
another or came to the same one multiple times. They where good for business but bad for morale. Unhappy clients had little consumer rights, legally this was classed as mere entertainment. 
This is why referrals by friends or reputation is important, but while one phychic my be good for them, they may not be the as good for you. 
Being so young didn't help because everyone expected a grey haired grandmotherly type. 
After several years I lost interest. The shops I worked in exploited readers, they booked clients back to back with no breaks when it was busy, or we sat there unpaid all day when it was quiet. I felt like a psychic sweat shop worker. The commissions rose from a reasonable 20% up to a hefty 45% I got tired of feeling I had to sort out people's problems, many of whom needed to see a therapist instead. 
I tried seeing clients at home, but that was worse, having all these strangers on my personal space, they'd come over, dump their bad Karma, wouldn't leave, or call at all hours. I realised it was a huge responsibility doing this, I wasn't always perfect, on bad day it was a guessing game,  yet felt I was playing God for $50 at a time, so I backed out. After my awakening I had a cold shower and 
returned to my fashion work. 
Are psychics real ?  Some times yes, but more often they aren't. 

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