Monday, 4 May 2015

How Technology is Ruining us.

Technology is changing us, especially  young people for the worse. Dumbed down by smart  phones,  shorter attention spans , we won't  make eye contact, no longer  connect, the art of conversation is now on Facebook. Charm has all but  dried up, mainly used as a tool of manipulation when someone wants something . People are mentally connected yet physically apart . When I sit next to some one they're not there, it's just a body ,their minds sucked , drained ,  possessed  by their iPhones.
 We're remote  controlled robots. 
 In the age of i, there's less we, perception has diminished , narcism exploded. People are less physically grounded - walking  around in a complete daze , headphones on, unaware of the earthly environment.  No one acknowledges eachother,  saturated by technology - there's a lack of community in the new impersonal world. 
I recently did a blogging course, it was a lot of fun, it lead to writing this story , but I have a conspiracy we're being forced into technology, spending so much time communicating online  we're not actually living as much. 
People have this tasered distant look about them, like they're spun out. 
Information has replaced intuition. The screen has replaced the deep gaze into the eyes. 
Wifi is the only way to connect ? 
The love of our lives might be walking past us everyday, but we won't notice cause we're looking for love on a screen. 
If I spend most hours on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram , etc, what time is left?
Publicity has replaced privacy. 
Morality declined due to the net. Dishonestly is tempting  knowing we won't 
 won't be held accountable for our  behaviour. Being tricked scammed or deceived 
Is the new norm. This erodes  a sense of  trust which creates  uncertaindy. 
We endlessly  txt or message people we don't know, will never meet, there's  less real time for 
 people who could be a deeper reassuring connection. 
The tide of ignorance on the street has made us invisible to one another. 
Teenagers abandoned by parents raised themselves  on a diet of iPhones or iPads.
Commitments on thin ice. We know opting out instantly of friendships online with out
Facing embarrassments. The Internet deludes us into thinking we're  friends 
with someone we've  chatted to for years, yet can block eachother. This is at the  expense
of  negotiation . It's all too easy but at a personal cost. 
We think people of people as buddies on Facebook, but what happens when we really need someone?
If we haven't been there physically  for others why would they be there for us? 
Information has replaced emotion at the expense of intuition. 
Many complex social skills of the past just don't exist in the minds of the new generation.
The typing has replaced talking ,  so lack heart  felt emotions,  a true sense of care have left people in an empty place.  I believe nowadays , many peoples souls are thinner than paper because the development of a deeper sense of self has been stalled or compromised by our lives online.
The  times we had nothing to do was important to ponder ourselves. 
Those empty spaces are gone. Filling the void created isolation. 
Google replaced God. 

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