Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sydney's future a Traffic Nightmare.

TSaturday 6th of August 2016, was the day of no turning back. It confirmed my future living Sydney is not going to be good. I spent most of the day stuck in traffic I've never seen so bad, yet I was only travelling short distances. Congestion I've never seen so bad. Despite taking multiple back street secret short cuts, everything lead to another pile up. I know this is only a taste of what's to come for all of us wanting to get from A to B. 
The first drive was from Kingsford to Newtown. When there's no traffic, it can take 15 minutes, yesterday it took 25. That wasn't so bad, but then dropping a friend from Newtown to AFL game at fox studios was another story, it took at least 40 minutes. It seemed everyone was out yesterday. You could of walked it. Every main road in both directions was one big slow moving car park. Welcome to the new normal. It took another 20 minutes to get to crown Str Surry hills to meet a friend for what turned out to be a very late lunch , then another 45 minutes to get from Surry hills back home to Kingsford near Kensington... Most of those 7 hours was spent in traffic driving short distances.
Living in Sydney is only going to get more unpleasant for all of us. Why bother leaving the house ? 
Maybe we need to do things locally, and plan only to travel, when we know there's no events on. 
This is what real estate agents won't tell you, and what we try not to think about . 
Adding to the problem is the light rail construction , which I think will be even worse when it finished.
If each Tram will really be 68 meters long, how will anyone be able to cross any Str in its path ? 
Where will we park if 700 parking spots are gone ? 
Yes everyone wants to live in Sydney , but the more apartments being built will only collectively lower
The standard of living for those already here like me !!!! 
Sydney may be set for a population boom of millions , but it won't be pleasant in many ways. 
There's very little we can do, especially with a Liberal state government hell bent on development 
With little social engagement. We will end up like London, silently packed like ants, exhausted , 
Begrudged by "growth " . Even the wealthy will suffer. 
Maybe in the future , leaving the tiny apartments we live  in will be done as avatars? We will leave
The house on a cyber level , not a physical one ? We might all be working from home online ?
Maybe when we need a doctor we will self care via you tube instructions video link ? 
Our food and meals delivered by drones ? Our social contacts will be on Skype ? 
Can't handle the traffic. 
Welcome to Cyber Sydney ! 

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