Saturday, 4 November 2017

Nothing is something

Nothing is something, it means many things.
To accept nothing is to control our ego, yet it feels like a loss. 
No one praises nothing, we never congratulate someone who has no plans or connections.
But sometimes nothing is the best thing to be or do. 
Nothing goes against the grain of development. 
If anything nothing may be politically left, than right wing. 
Those who do nothing are called leeches on society, but that could be due to lack of opportunity.   . We see nothing as lazy, but sometimes we just need a break from 24/7.
Doing nothing is seen as giving up or giving in. 
Yet doing nothing can also be a sign of  passive rebellion, the message being - 
I don't believe in all this and I will disengage. 
Nothing is the opposite of everything, it's not filled with frantic actions, addictions, consumptions, which are not good for ourselves or the environment. 
We are so afraid of nothing, constantly harking eachother every day, to  justify our existence 
With our questions and expectations of , what are you doing, what do you have ? 
But nothing is a void of  silent empty space that's hard to face . 
Our souls sometimes need to stop and do nothing , to ponder or reflect in silence . 
To be calm we need to stop our crazy mind and think of nothing. 
Though invisible , nothing is really something because it is of deep value. 
Illness forces us to do nothing. Maybe death is the ultimate nothing ?
Nothing is not God, nor atheist. Those are something. 
We are rarely happy with nothing , but deeply empowered by being at peace with nothing .
Nothing means things we want  but don't have like succes or relationships , so this longing , this needing creates so much pain and anguish. 
Nothing is always there . 

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  1. I submitted a picture of the "nothing" where I grew up to an art prize. Unsurprisingly it went nowhere! I still love it, it's a true documentary photo of suburban Australia.