Monday, 20 April 2015

No More Eye Contact - Welcome to The New Impersonal Society.

Eye contact....
There's less and less of it. Have you noticed ? Is this defence mechanism due to over population ? 
Last year in London I was cramped on those crowded tubes, everyone was automatically avoiding
eye contact. I guess this is a way of giving each other psychic space. 
Our  attention has gone from others people  to be zapped by technology, iPhones, iPads , tablets. 
These distractions have come at a social cost, in particular to young people who look tasered. 
I remember as a child, one of our greatest fears of the future was being Zombies, worried we 
would be inserted with a computer chip under our skin, to be controlled by computers. 
Hello, that's exactly what's we've volunteered to do. 
More and more people are almost agressively ignoring eachother. What ever happened to the days when there was this sense of belonging when we acknowledged eachother, smiled , said hello to total strangers , enjoyed the sense of creating a feeling of connection through constant small acts of niceness. This was the nurturing eggs which bonded society. 
It seems now we only make eye contact when we need or have to, mostly in business, work, shops or restaurants when we are paid to or paying for ....the over focus on consumerism is leading to a lack
of compassion on a subtle level. Consumption is about me, compassion is about we. 
I believe a lack of eye contact compromises our natural perception or intuition. If we avoid eye contact, how do we go deeper into the window of ones soul ? we need to asses the other persons  intentions or motivations to protect ourselves . It's not just about filling a multiple choice selection online to determine decisions . I don't trust people who can not make deep eye contact for at least a few seconds, I feel wary, it's a warning  they are not sincere. 
Personally it's most upsetting to see how offended people are if you even look at them at all , for more than a split second. This age of being overly self focused has contributed to selfishness, social isolation and depression, inparticular  in younger people who in my experience 
are only adorable when they want something. 
So get over it , start looking at eachother and for heavens sake smile then say hello !!! 

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