Sunday, 10 May 2015

Gluten free carrot cake.

This is a great recipe for a gluten free carrot cake or muffin. 

Ingredients  for a small cake or large muffin. 

Half cup brown rice flour
Half teaspoon baking powder 
Cinnamon powder
1 egg
1 small carrot grated 
25 ml honey
25 ml low fat margarine or butter. 
3 dates
Canola oil spray

In one bowl mix the flour with baking powder and sprinkle some cinnamon. 
In a second bowl break the egg, then whisk with a fork.
In a measuring cup put the margarine then melt in microwave for 15 seconds
then add honey, mix , together, pour with egg, mix again,  add finely chopped dates 
add half cup grated carrot , mix again with fork, then add to the flour bowl, mix again.
Let it sit for a couple of minutes to set, then scoop cake onto a greased tray.
Bake for 30 mins or until brown, turn oven off, let cake sit in there till it cools.
This can be eaten when it's still slightly warm. It's delicious, so healthy, great for breakfast. 

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