Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Buckwheat Pancakes with chocolate sauce

This is the best pancake recipe. 
It's healthy, gluten, dairy,  sugar free. 
Ingredients to make 4 pancakes.
For the batter you'll need 

Buckwheat flour - half a cup
1 egg.
Rice milk - up to 200 ml
Canola spray 

For the sauce equal amounts of 
Cocoa powder

In a bowl mix buckwheat flour, some of the milk and egg, then whisk. 
You'll need to balance the consistency of the batter between it being too thick or fluidly.
If you let the batter sit, it will thicken, so maybe add a bit more rice milk to dilute.
That's up to you. I use rice milk because it's naturally sweet. 

Use a 25 cm fry pan, heat it up till it's very hot, this is important so the pancakes can cook
quickly. Spray canola then pour  the batter using a large metal spoon. 
When it's brown , spray canola the uncooked side, flip and cook.

Place the first pancake on a plate, then create the instant sauce by mixing
1 teaspoon each of cocoa powder, margarine, honey. Spread it around pancake
Then roll up, and enjoy ! 

Make the next pancake while you're eating the first one. 
Everyone I make this for goes crazy at how healthy and tasty they are. 

Keep eating - Yianni Zinonos 

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