Friday, 8 May 2015

Brown rice flour - Grind your own, it's healthy and cheap

You can make your own brown rice flour at home, it's a fraction of the  retail price.
It works out at 25 - 30 % of the cost. Also brown rice goes on sale more often than  brown rice flour.  
Pour half a cup at a time in a mini coffee bean grinder, it takes less than one minute to
get that fine ground fresh flour. I did this by accident one day when I ran out of brown rice flour.
Now I prefer to grind my own because it's a fresher wholesome taste,  it also smells better.
I have realised whatever we can grind on the spot is healthier, the taste is real compared to the pre ground stuff we take for granted. 
I use brown rice flour for baking gluten free cakes and muffins. 
It's so healthy ! Enjoy ! 
Yianni Zinonos 

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